What are the application areas of ecological wood?

Everybody knows ecological wood material is to use wood powder or wood particle, with PVC high polymer material, through special technology processing into new green environmental protection material, different from general wood plastic raw material waste wood and waste plastic. The enterprise that a batch of domestic production zoology wood rises rapidly this year, blossom everywhere, it is dilious to whole industry, but be similar with other building materials, quality is uneven, homogeneity changes too tall it is the malpractice that affects industry development.

Ecological wood has the characteristics of environmental protection, stability, safety, comfort, truth and convenience.

1, environmental protection, uv resistance, no formaldehyde and other harmful gases.

2, stability, with flame retardant, anti-aging and heat insulation energy-saving, can be used for a long time in the harsh environment.

3, safety, ecological wood can be “used in water for a long time”, high strength and water resistance, impact resistance, cracking and other characteristics.

4. Comfort. The sound insulation, insulation, oil resistance and antistatic properties of ecological wood can effectively guarantee the comfort of furniture environment.

5. Authenticity, the appearance of ecological wood is naturally beautiful, elegant and unique, with the sense of wood and natural texture of real wood, with the simple feeling of returning to nature, focusing on the design and the use of the detailed texture and color texture of product materials.

The ecology wood in spring holds plastic concurrently to be able to bear water anticorrosive sex and the simple sense of natural lumber, life is a few times of common lumber, can as long as 20 years, not easy craze, not easy fade, won’t putrefy is out of shape, corrosion-resistant, still can prevent bug to eat by moth, because this is used at outdoor project more. The wood particle in ecological wood raw material comes from the edge of wood leftover, try the waterproof performance of PVC, therefore do not need to be like ordinary wood, want to brush a waterproof paint again, and ecological wood finished products can be recycled and reused, will not produce secondary pollution to the environment, is environmental protection recyclable material.

Both WPC and WPC are derived from the Chinese translation of “WPC”, WPC: Wood Plastic Composite, simple translation is Wood Plastic Composite, because Chinese and English expression habit is different, some translation for WPC, so at the time of first entered China, whether it’s Wood Plastic or Plastic Wood, is refers to the WPC, actually is the same thing, just translation habits of different, cause the different name, it’s like one called “Zhang”, we call him “Joe” in China, in a foreign country is “San Zhang”, but “Joe” or “San Zhang”, he is the same person.

The popularity of ecological wood in domestic market is not high enough. Before 2008, there were relatively few people in China who knew about ecological wood manufacturers in spring. It only gained popularity after it became a supplier to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2009 Shanghai World Expo. At present, ecological wood products in spring are mainly used in large-scale municipal projects in China, such as Olympic Fan base, all-sports natatorium, World Expo Hall, Sanya Airport and so on. Large garden landscape, such as Beijing 1872, Hangzhou Prince Bay Park and so on. The enterprise that many start earlier in course of study, can use production and sale two flourishing to describe at present, the ecological wood producer of countrywide already had 100.

Over time, with the advent of commercial interests, ecological mywood association of plastic and plastic wood association and other society, association, chamber of commerce, and so on, different name appears, the slight difference between the popular theory now is more plastic wood refers to the PE with wood powder or other fiber composite material, and wood plastic PVC and wood powder or other fiber composite materials, but these are not the correct way of saying, wood plastic and plastic wood is called, is actually no difference. Our company calls it wood plastic, and it may not be called plastic wood, but it is the same thing.


Post time: Jun-17-2020