PVC foam board, how much do you know?

PVC foamed board is a kind of composite material filled with gas, which is mainly composed of plastic and contains a lot of bubbles and even bubble structure. How much do you know about PVC foamed sheet? What is it used for? How does the material of PVC foamed board have? The following for these problems, small make up to introduce one by one for you!

PVC foamed board board with sound insulation, sound absorption, heat insulation, heat preservation and other properties, PVC foamed board quality with flame retardant, self-extinguishing is not in danger of fire, can be used safely. PVC film is the application of special vacuum pressure film machine at 110 degrees of high temperature pressure attached to the surface of the plate, so it is not easy to fall off.

PVC foaming plates are widely used in the bus, train car ceiling, body core layer with boards, interior decoration, building outer wall plate, decorative plate inside cubicle, office, residential and public buildings, commercial decorative frame, clean room with board, ceiling board, screen printing, computer lettering, advertising signs, exhibition board, sign board, photo album plate industries and chemical anti-corrosion engineering, thermoformed piece, cold storage with plate, special cold insulation engineering, sports equipment, breeding material, seashore damp-proof installation, waterproof material, art materials and various light partitions instead of glass ceiling, etc. It is widely used and increasingly popular because of its relatively low price and superior performance.

PVC foamed board is a new type of ideal material, because of the density of PVC foamed board, add type performance, appearance and texture and natural wood is very close, so called “synthetic wood”.


Post time: Sep-28-2020