Process and performance of PVC foamed board

There are two important reasons why PVC foamed board can be widely used in the building materials industry:

The first is PVC unique four properties: rain proof, fire resistance, antistatic, easy to form. Second, PVC is characterized by low input and high output. So, why does PVC have these two advantages? PVC foamed board manufacturers let us from its production process to find the answer.

Exceptional performance

What is the difference between PVC film and common adhesive film? The common adhesive film is stuck on the surface of the plate directly with glue at room temperature, so after one or two years, the adhesive film is easy to fall off. And PVC film is the application of special vacuum pressure film machine at 110 degrees of high temperature pressure attached to the surface of the plate, so it is not easy to fall off.

Although PVC film trailers have excellent quality assurance, but some people may say, PVC is after all a chemical product, it is not as good as natural materials, can not eliminate toxicity and odor, will inevitably cause harm to the environment. The fact is not the case, this is because the German production raw material is specially refined PVC film, toxic substances were extracted from completely, demagnetization machine so PVC is completely non-toxic tasteless, no stimulus to human skin or respiratory system, for those people who are allergic to wood and paint, using PVC membrane packing of furniture or kitchen utensils and appliances is very appropriate. By using PVC film as decorative film, people can use medium density board, particleboard, plywood and fiberboard in large quantities to reduce the amount of wood used, thus reducing the damage to the forest and even the environment. From this point of view, PVC film has made a great contribution to the protection of the ecological environment.

The use of PVC foamed board once caused great controversy in western countries, many people try to use a variety of other materials instead of PVC. But it turns out that PVC is no inferior to other alternatives in quality and cheaper in cost. Experts have found that in many industries, the abandonment of PVC will generate considerable additional costs. Specific data show that the abandonment of PVC will add billions of marks to the cost. For specific consumers, that would mean a huge amount of extra spending. Take Windows covered with PVC, for example. If these Windows were covered with ordinary wood instead of PVC, the cost of cleaning and repairing them alone would be staggering. In a small town in the UK, people have been using wooden Windows for the past two decades. The cost of cleaning and maintaining these Windows has been compared with the cost of cleaning PVC Windows. The cost of cleaning ordinary wooden Windows is twice as high as that of PVC Windows.


Strict workmanship


PVC production process is not complicated, ordinary line generally by a rolling machine, printing machine, coating machine and cutting machine back, mainly through the mixing of moving roller, roller rotation and hot rolling to produce 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm thickness of thin film, the production at the same time and through the printer on the membrane of the front design and color, back through the coater attach a back coating layer on the back of the membrane. Do not look down upon this layer of back coating, it is an important guarantee of PVC film quality performance. The back coating is composed of special materials and is a kind of high-energy affinity agent. It is precisely because of this back coating that THE PVC film can be tightly integrated with the medium density plate or other plates, and the glue will not open for 10 or even 15 years. And stick face film commonly in the biggest problem is the problem that cannot solve film falls off. As the whole production process of battery car is carried out under high temperature (the temperature in the rolling machine reaches 220 degrees), this makes PVC film have high light resistance and fire resistance, ensuring the high quality of PVC film. Of course, this requires a lot of production machinery, which usually costs about 39 million marks, or about 160 million yuan, for a production line. But on the other hand, PVC film production process is quite simple, machine output is also very large, so comprehensively, PVC is actually a low input, high output of the product.

Post time: Oct-19-2020