Key points of plywood selection and maintenance aspects of attention

Plywood manufacturers tell you, plywood selection key:.


1) Choose plywood of different varieties, grades, raw materials, decorations and sizes according to the nature of the project, parts used, environmental conditions and other factors.


2) Plywood with precious wood planing veneer shall be used for decoration.


3) Plywood for internal decoration shall conform to the provisions of GB50222 Fire Prevention Standards for Internal Decoration Planning.


Plywood 4) may be affected with damp be affected with damp shaded part and requiring higher waterproof should consider to choose class Ⅰ or Ⅱ plywood, outdoor use plywood should choose Ⅰ kind of plywood.


5) Face plate adornment needs clear varnish (also call clear oil), preserve the natural colour and lustre of wood exterior and grain, should focus on the choice of face plate raw material, spot and colour, if do not need to consider the spot and colour of face plate, also should choose plywood class, category reasonably according to environment and cost.


Aspects that should be paid attention to in plywood maintenance.


1, in order to prevent the fancy plywood manufacturers rear panel skin discoloration, mildew, must be to pay attention to moisture, avoid indoor damp, to prevent flooding, get wet in the rain, the paint construction, must be complete, correct, when construction adornment metope should nail system is worn, avoid veneers directly installed in concrete block wall, so as not to be affected with damp be affected with damp syndrome to produce mildew.


2, after the completion of the decoration to prevent panel appears dry, skin, prevent sun point-blank or indoor is too dry for a long time, decoration panel board face, should the linyi plywood manufacturer to avoid as far as possible to air conditioning outlet, or central heating, easy to make the skin too dry face plywood and produce craze, affect the service life of the plywood.


3, when cleaning, use dry cloth or wring the dishcloth after wipe gently, should avoid dishcloth too wet and make act the role of face plate mildew, cannot use too big force to wipe so as not to operate the beautiful paint of act the role of face plate.


4, ensure the normal indoor ventilation, so as to avoid long-term indoor excessive drying or humidity and affect the service life of decorative panels.

Post time: Sep-15-2020