How to select good birch plywood

In the furniture industry, the more durable material is birch. Because birch is not very durable in more perishable environments, it is more in the form of plywood. Birch plywood is very well machined and its cut is smooth because of its good paint and gluing properties. The finish of birch furniture is smooth and even. But how to choose a good birch plywood, please follow Ming Tuo wood industry to discern the stand or fall of birch plywood together below.

1. Look at the wood grain. When purchasing multiple birch plywood, the color should be consistent, with obvious grain, no obvious color difference and excessive scarring. The wood grain on the front and back is in the same direction.

2. Look at the surface. No repair on the front, the high grade of birch veneer is not allowed to have scar knots, allowed to have dot mineral lines, in the sun to observe the phenomenon of no glue through the bottom, the surface overlap cracks are not allowed to exist, such a birch veneer is easy to paint, the surface is fine and smooth, the furniture made is more beautiful and durable.

3. Watch the core board. High grade birch plywood should be layered, splice juncture is close, without uneven phenomenon, when birch plywood of choose and buy can observe whether side level is distinct, splice juncture size will judge. In addition some manufacturer in order to save costs, will reduce the edge processing before they go out again, make plywood looks almost no gap, level is very good-looking, but customers buy back after sawing back found inside the hollow very much, in order to avoid this kind of situation, can be used when the choose and buy plywood sticks a 50 cm, lift plywood tap the each part, voice symmetry, crisp is basically a birch plywood, such as “the shell shell” dumb voice, it is likely to be caused by degumming or bubbling internal quality problems.

Birch plywood category is very much on the market, and it simply introduces how to select birch plywood, if you want to choose the rest assured peace of mind of birch plywood, you can contact us, every procedure, high-standard, each board are pass strict inspection before they go out, to ensure that customers receive after all can be at ease use.

Post time: Jun-03-2020