How is the application reflected in plywood specifications maintained

Along with the social level unceasing enhancement and the development, the plywood this high quality plank, the surface treatment is generally smooth, has the good stability, then in the standard and the application how.

First on the standard of plywood, the first can be divided into three mile board, five subsidiaries, 9 mm plate, 12 mm plate, 18 mm plate these types, and then, the primary purpose of plywood is on furniture manufacturing, such as chest, kitchen cabinets, wooden box, etc., it can also be used for interior decoration, ceiling, floor, wall plate, for example, and packing and so on homework, and can according to their favorite cover paper color to choose.

Before we use plywood, the plywood should understand the common sense and choose the most appropriate standard product, so that it can be better used.

In the process of use in the summer, special attention should be paid to the plywood material ideal ventilated dry and maintenance, materials piled up the local choice as far as possible dry place, the necessary time to use such as air conditioner and dehumidifier dehumidification clean-up space of data accumulation, temporarily without wood are to be packed in plastic wrapped up as much as possible to arrange another time to use, to prevent moisture intrusion.

In first three using plywood can not release agent, should be timely clean after each use board face in the future, it is forbidden to use solid content on scraping board face, should according to the specification laid open template, obligate wall bolt bearing, mould available short foot plywood manufacturers hand sides lock, establish good brace, to spread good after plywood, temporary before pouring concrete, it is necessary to be careful, please cover, avoid exposure, board face burst, please be careful when light put light dismantle, avoid high break, please it is necessary to clean the plate after ripping, timely to paint remover, temporarily not necessary mat wood square, structured packed in dry and ventilated place.

After plywood, three wooden squares are laid longitudinally and two wooden squares are laid horizontally. The screw bearing through the wall should be kept well and the diagonal brace should be set up. When conditions are met, steel flute connection can be used laterally to form a combined wall mold, which can be directly suspended.

With the continuous improvement and development of the social level, the manufacturer indicated that, in order to avoid the discoloration of plywood epidermis, mildew, should pay attention to moistureproof, avoid indoor too wet, avoid soaking in water, rain.



Its paint construction must be complete, correct, decorate metope construction should nail wooden frame, avoid veneers directly in cement, brick wall surface to avoid be affected with damp be affected with damp mildew to change, after the decoration should avoid plywood weather-shack, skin, prevent sun point-blank or indoor too dry for a long time, board face should be avoided for air-conditioning outlet or by central heating, so easy to make the panel skin too dry and cracking, affect the service life of the panel, in clean, with dry cloth or dry cloth to wipe, quietly after avoid cloth is too wet to make decorative panel mold, can’t use too much force to wipe avoid operating plywood the beauty of the paint.


Post time: Jun-24-2020